Why the TypeCoach Influence Program?

You’ve probably found that you have varying degrees of success in getting the full attention and focus of people in your life.  Have you found that some personalities are easier for you to communicate with than others?  

This live 3 part webinar series walks you through the process of developing mastery of two skills that you can use every day for the rest of your life in every interaction:

  1. Identifying the personality type of any individual
  2. Tailoring your approach with them based on their type 

During every interaction, there is so much you could take into consideration about the personality type of the other person. After this series, you’ll know just what that other person will respond best to, what to avoid and you’ll be able to ensure that you:

  • Gain their full focus and attention
  • Build positive rapport
  • Get their buy in and enthusiasm
  • Bring out their best ideas and thinking
  • Inspire them to go above and beyond

Attendees report immediate and significant improvements in their communications with clients, colleagues, their boss, children, spouse, family members and friends. And that is just after the first webinar out of three! Watch the minute and a half video to hear from some Influence Program graduates.


$147 per person 
$98 per person if you already have a TypeCoach online account.

No cost for anyone in HR or L&D or Independent Consultants who offer training and coaching.


Each webinar is
Eastern Time USA/Canada
Dec 6th 11am-1pm EST
Dec 13th 10am-12pm EST
Jan 12th 10am-12pm EST

Each webinar is
Eastern Time USA/Canada
Dec 16th 11am-1pm EST
Jan 18th 10am-12pm EST

Each webinar is
Eastern Time USA/Canada

Jan 10th 10am-12pm EST
Jan 24th 10am-12pm EST

If you can’t find a date for each webinar that works for you, just Reserve Your Spot and we will notify you when more 2022 dates are released.

What is Included?


Three live, interactive webinars (2 hours each) where you’ll have an opportunity to practice identifying the personality types, chat in live breakout sessions with other participants, ask questions and share examples throughout.


Invite only series, TypeTalk Tuesday. You will be invited to a live webinar series with Carly and Rob featuring a different topic each webinar (Type & Conflict, Type & Innovation, Type & Stress), etc.


The 20 Day Text Challenge to help you begin applying type in your everyday interactions (a 2-minute challenge texted to your phone each day).


Downloadable Desk Reference Tools to refer back to as you begin applying your new skills with your clients and colleagues.

Plus. . . 

Lifetime Access to the Full Platform TypeCoach Account:

The TypeCoach Verifier Experience - an online video-based tutorial to determine your best fit type and download your 11-page report.

The Type-to-Type Tool which provides top ten tips for working with any type given your own type. You can add customers to this chart.

The Five Coaching Videos for your type to help you maximize your type related strengths and minimize your challenge areas.

What People Are Saying About TypeCoach

“I think the TypeCoach tools and training has really given us a common language across the whole organization. The thing I love about them is that they are incredibly simple to take on board and then it becomes extremely easy to adapt how you communicate with people. And, by having a common language across the whole organization, it’s something that really holds us all together.”


Bart Johnson


“The distinction that TypeCoach brings to work is that there is a very specific business application... if you want to get the highest return on your investment. I’ve evaluated many, many programs and still TypeCoach continues to be the best provider out there in the Personality Type space without a doubt.” 

Javier Barrientos
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


“TypeCoach represents a dynamic new approach to an established and powerful model. The TypeCoach team has created versions of their programs specific to our organization through an extensive partner collaboration. The results are cutting edge, practical and impactful programs which are helping us drive results.” 

Sarah Tickle
Vice President, Human Resources

Procter & Gamble

“TypeCoach gives you the ability to not just understand who you are, but begin to understand who other people are and the resources that TC provides you are far and away above anything else that I’ve seen out there.”


Michael Muscatello
People Development

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

"It’s a way to influence other people really quickly. . . get to know people really quickly.  It also helps a great deal to know what stresses people out, so we can help people get back to center and be their best selves.”


Megan Sullivan
VP, Commercial Innovation & Operations


“I love TypeCoach. I talk about TypeCoach all the time. I use it all the time. I’m much more conscious now and really try to figure out what someone else is, so I can align my communication style to work best with them so they can understand me and I can understand them better.  . .There is just a lot to TypeCoach.  I think it’s amazing.”


Terah Benjamin
Training Associate Director

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“The TypeCoach Influence Course greatly enhanced my understanding of Type. The program shared key characteristics and behaviors of each of the four temperaments which significantly deepened my ability to explain and adjust for the differences. This enhanced knowledge, and the practice in identifying types from video examples, increased my confidence and skill in identifying another person’s types. I am equipped to improve my influence, rapport, and relationships in both my personal and professional life.”

Cathie Leimbach
Leadership Consultant,
Agon Leadership

“A refreshing and focused look at Type using an interactive style. Well worth attending.”

Tamsin Regnes
Independent Consultant

“The VIC [Virtual Influence Course] is an excellent way to introduce or refresh yourself with Type so you can more easily recognize other personalities and improve overall influence & communication skills.”

Matthew Colee
Academic & Career Coordinator
Florida State College at Jacksonville

TypeCoach Global Clients

What People Are Saying About TypeCoach

TypeCoach Client Testimonials

Here are a few of our clients sharing the value they’ve experienced with the TypeCoach training and tools. 

"I LOVED these and looked forward to them!  You are great Sarah Duncan!!!!!  It taught me a ton of valuable info but I need MORE!  I would love to be apart of more of these.  I also loved the interaction with the other participants!! "

Sydni Hair

“If you are in any position of influence, this is a must do course to give you a handle on how best to quickly evaluate the people you have to work with.  In a relationship game, this is a great skill to acquire.”

Annemarie Munk
Professional Coach

“Extremely Beneficial Course. I have a much better understanding of how to use Type when communicating with my team.”

Grainne Hampton
Managing Director, McColgan's Quality Foods

“You will learn how to better identify characteristics of your own type as well as how to recognize those of others and apply that knowledge in everyday interactions.”

Kevin Van Wagner
Associate Director of Career & Team Development
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“TypeCoach is a simple, easy and effective way to understand others, bridge gaps and communicate more effectively.  It allows you to challenge your assumptions and get unstuck in your communications with others on your team.”

Lisa Stornaielo
Founder, Leadershift Solutions

“If you wanting to learn more about how to understand and communicate better with people, this is a great place to start.”

Frank Sreshta
Counselor, Therapy by Frank

“A great way into psychological type and excellent tools to aid communication.”

Jerry Gilpin
Executive Coach and Owner, Perception

“A refreshing and focused look at Type using an interactive style. Well worth attending.”

Tamsin Regnes
Independent Consultant

"I dramatically expanded my knowledge of this model and found the unique features made it far more workable and enjoyable to use than other similar tools. The best part of the course was the professionalism of the TypeCoach team and the resources provided. Every person I've spoken with, regardless or role, was masterful at the customer experience as well as knowledge of the model and materials. It made it a seamless process in which to learn and grow."

Julie Kowalski
Independent Consultant

“Personality DOES influence behavior at work, and TYPE-COACH has constructed a compelling and deep dive into how type interacts with how you show up at work and in life.”

Bruce Griffiths
President and Senior Consultant
Organization Systems International (OSI)

“An interesting angle on type put across by passionate, well-informed people.”

Colin Fenn
Founder and Owner, Your Leadership Footprint Ltd

“One of the best things you can do in working with Personality Type is to learn from the experience of others. This course brings multiple people from different backgrounds together to find out much more about how they are experiencing this and how this been applied in their line of work. With Rob’s and Carly’s guide this has led to great insights and ‘aha’ moments...”

Andres Corrales
Administrator, 3/4 Estudio


“What I particularly like is the fact that TypeCoach focuses on the practical use, application and interpretation of Type (for both coach and end-user) in one-to-one or one-to-group settings whereas other, competing Type alternatives, put more and less appropriate focus on the assessment process rather than application.”

Dom Crotty
Leadership and Career Coach,
Business Skills consultant


“I would recommend this wholeheartedly to any professionals or coaches. Even if you are already experienced in the use of MBTI, you will learn more and the tools are fantastic.”

Aileen Fraser

“Super approachable, practical communications system for interpersonal dynamics, teams and groups that can most certainly impact effectiveness day-to-day.”

Eva Van Krugel
Founder, Leadership and Team Coach, Facilitator
Fervor Leadership Coaching and Consulting